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Most people enjoy the services of their home appliances without considering proper maintenance, but wait until your boiler suddenly stops working when the weather is unbearable. You cannot fix the boiler since you don’t even know what exactly the problem is or even where to start. Such situations can be avoided through our affordable boiler servicing Rochdale. It is easy and affordable. Just call us and book an appointment, our boiler gas safe engineers will call you to schedule a convenient visit. We have two types of boiler servicing:

Annual Boiler Serving – It is recommended to have your boiler serviced at least one time in a year. The best time to schedule for an annual boiler servicing is just before the start of winter.

Emergency Boiler Servicing – You can call our experts to inspect your boiler if you suspect a problem or if it has stayed for a long time without being in use.

Benefits of Boiler Servicing

There are many direct and indirect benefits of regular and timely boiler servicing.

  • To Confirm Functionality – You boiler is the heart of your central heating that makes your home warm and helps you to endure the cold months of the winter season. We check if your boiler is functioning properly in preparation for the extreme weather.
  • Early Faults Detections – Some boiler faults may exist for months before you can physically observe any signs or the boiler to stop working. Boiler servicing will uncover minor faults and error, which can lead to faults before they escalate into bigger problems which could collapse the entire boiler or call for huge repair.
  • Safety – Most of boiler faults for instance gas leaks are risky and could lead to fatal damages and health issues. Such defects can be identified during boiler servicing and dealt with before they can cause any serious damage. Boiler servicing Rochdale engineers use gas analysers to detect leaks among other modern equipment to diagnose risky boiler errors.
  • Energy Efficiency – Boiler inspection involves energy audit to determine whether there is any energy lost as a result of other boiler defects. When such errors are detected and sorted, energy efficiency is restored ensuring optimum boiler performance.
  • Cost Implications – Undetected boiler errors and defects will with time develop into serious problems which will require major repairs or even worse, replacement of the entire boiler. If such errors and faults are identified at an early stage they can be handled immediately to avoid such expenses. An energy efficient boiler also means reduced energy costs.

Our checks include:

  • Boiler and controls inspection to ensure proper functionality.
  • Corrosion and leaks checks.
  • Internal components inspection.
  • Checking the gas pressure.
  • Testing of the flue to check unhealthy gas fumes emission.
  • Cleaning of boiler parts.
  • Seals and valves inspection.
  • Discussing the inspection with the customer and advising on the best way forward if need be.

You can rely on our gas safe registered engineers for a complete boiler servicing to ensure its functionality and safety.

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