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Boiler Repairs

Your boiler is the most used appliance in your home, especially during winter when the weather is unbearable. This daily use could lead to wear and tear or other errors which could result to defects. Some boiler defects can be easily identified through observable signs, while others can only be detected by a qualified boiler engineer using the right equipment. Gas repairs are risky and should only be conducted by qualified and licenced engineers to avoid damages and other risks. Eco Efficient offers full range boiler repairs in Rochdale at very competitive rates. Our repair charges varies from one type of repair to the other, but are relatively low compared to other boiler repairs in the region.

Some faults can cause the breakdown of the boiler while in some cases the boiler could still be functioning but is still faulty. Boiler repairs can categorized into:

  • Minor Repairs – They may include correction of installation error, fixing of the piping system, pressure adjustment and resealing of seals among others. Such involve little work, are less expensive and will take a very short time to repair.
  • Medium Repairs –These could be replacement of parts or boiler accessories and component. These kinds of repairs will take a few hours and include the cost of the replacement accessories and the labour cost is higher.
  • Recurrent Repairs – There are some faults that even if they can be repaired, the problem will reoccur after sometime. Such repairs are very expensive and Eco Efficient we recommend replacement as the best solution for recurrent boiler faults.
  • Replacement – Replacement of the entire boiler if the parts are damaged beyond repair.

Eco Efficient Gas Safe and Qualified Engineers

Gas Safe is the official UK engineer’s registration body mandated to protect the citizens from unqualified and incompetent engineers and hazardous gas work. Gas Safe regulates, controls and licenses gas engineers to ensure that only trained and certified engineers handle gas work for the safety of the public. Our Eco Efficient boiler repairs engineers are highly qualified and Gas Safe listed to ensure quality and safe delivery of services. We also ensure that our engineers are updated on any changes of Gas Safe regulations and they adhere to them strictly.

As a company, we are Gas Safe credited and permitted to offer boiler repairs across Rochdale and other areas including all corners of Accrington, Heywood, Rawtenstall, Burnley and Bacup. We offer competitive rates with no hidden charges. In addition to quality boiler repair services, our friendly and polite boiler specialists offer free maintenance and energy efficiency tips to help our customers to further cut down on cost. The engineers also discuss available repair options with the customer to enable them to make the right choice within their budget.

If you are having a problem with your boiler, irrespective of the type or technology involved, feel free to call us and we will hook you up with the most competent and passionate engineers to help you correct the default in a very short time.

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