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Boiler Repair Rawtenstall

Nothing can be more frustrating that your failed central heating system, especially during the cold season. Unlike many home appliances, where the DIY policy works, boiler faults are too technical and risky to deal with and can only be handled by a fully qualified and registered gas engineers. Whenever your central heating system stops working, do not act from panic. Call engineers at Eco Efficient Rawtenstall and in between 10 to 45 minutes depending on your proximity they will be with at your home to offer the much needed assistance. Whether you have seen a sign of gas and boiler leaks, boiler not heating water or the radiators cannot emit enough heat to keep your home warm, our engineers will use latest tools to identify the problem and its cause and offer instant repairs to keep your boiler up and guarantee your home safety.

Our Services

Our specialists have adequate skills and experience to provide exceptional services to address all your property heating requirements. We offer a wide range of services in Rawtenstall which can be grouped into 3 categories:

Servicing and Inspections

To ensure full-time functionality of your central heating system, we provide comprehensive boiler servicing and inspection of the entire system to ensure no defects and if any, our engineers are able to repair it immediately. We have modern gas and boiler leaks detectors and we can identify leaks from a distance without any demolitions on your structure or damage. For annual central heating servicing, you can book an engineer visit at a time when you are available, but you can also call us for emergency checks anytime you suspect a problem with your system.

Installation Services

Our Gas Safe central heating installation experts will help you in every step when you are installing a central heating for the first time or replacing an existing one. During our free site survey visit, our engineers will conduct a heating needs assessment and analysis that will help you in deciding on the ideal boiler adequate for your home. This will take into account the size of your property, the room size, insulation levels, size and position of the windows among other facts that will affect your home warmth. We are experts in all types of heating systems available in the UK market and depending on the assessment results and your budget, we will advise you on the options for you home. Our boiler installation services covers both fresh and replacement installation for any kind or size of building including apartments, schools and hotels among others.

Repair Services

If any part of the central heating system has a defect, our gas specialists will visit and identify the source of the problem and do the necessary repairs. We offer accurate inspections and faster central heating repairs to save you money and stop any inconveniences. Eco Efficient boiler repairs include replacement of corroded parts, faulty valves, seals and other tasks to enhance effective heating in your home. Our engineers are honest and will advise you when repair is not possible and recommend the best replacement.

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