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Importance of Regular Central Heating System Checks and Maintenance

Being one of the mostly used appliances especially during the cold season, your boiler is more likely to develop issues or breakdown than any other appliances. Some of these faults may result from normal wear and tear, erroneous installation and poor maintenance among other reasons. It is therefore important to have your whole central heating system regularly checked and well maintained to prevent or discover some of these defects early enough so that the best actions can be taken. Unfortunately most homeowners wait until the boiler is completely unusable or when it is too late to call a professional heating specialist. Over 20% of boilers replaced in Bacup per year could be prevented through servicing and timely boiler repairs.

There are different types of heating systems with different components and designs. The most common types of central heating installed in many Bacup homes feature a boiler, emitters – either radiators or underground heat emitters, piping network and other additional features. Eco Efficient boiler servicing involves a systematic inspection of all central heating components to expose any faults and to ensure effective functioning of the entire system. It is recommended to have your central heating system checked at least annually or at any time when you notice anything abnormal with the system. Our heating engineers are ready to help you with emergency central heating checks and you can also schedule for an annual check at your most convenient time. Why is it important?

There are several benefits of regular inspection especially one before the onset of the cold seasons.

Cost Feasibility – Central heating servicing is cheaper than repairs or failures. Any error or minor defect identified is fixed immediately before it develops into more expensive repairs or even entire system replacement. Our servicing charges are inclusive of any minor central heating repairs provided.

Safety – Eco Efficient engineers, who are registered with Gas Safe, will check for gas and boiler leaks and fix them leaving your home completely safe. Do not ignore any boiler failure even when you can live without its services. For safety purposes, regular serving is critical to ensure that your home is fully gas safety compliant and your family is not at any risk.

Reduced Energy Bills –Our engineers will help you with services and tasks that ensure low energy bills even during the winter when it is heavily in use. Errors made during central heating installation could lead to inefficient fuel consumption resulting to exaggerated energy bills. Our cheap central heating system inspection identifies such errors and other defects causing abnormal usage of energy and corrects them immediately. We also offer energy efficient advice to all our Bacup customers at no extra charge.

Central Heating and Boiler Replacement

You can replace your old boiler or the entire central heating to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. We offer modern replacement boiler installation to help you to upgrade your old inefficient boiler.

Let our experts install new central heating or repair any defects with your boiler to cut down on your bills.

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