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Boiler Installation

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old home, chances are you will need boiler installation for sustainable energy cost and comfort in your home. A boiler is one of the home appliances that come with its own running costs. If you have no time for research you may end up making the wrong decisions which may lead to inefficient energy use or near future repair or replacement expenses. No need to worry! Eco Efficient is the leading boiler experts and we are always ready to help you in energy efficient and cost effective boiler installation. We provide faster and affordable boiler installations to home owners, property developers, realtors and different institutions in Rochdale and areas of Rastenstall, Burnley, Accrington, Heywood and Bacup.

Choosing the Right Boiler

If you go wrong when selecting an ideal boiler that can serve your home or commercial building, even with proper boiler installation, you will pay heavily in terms of energy bills or the boiler will not be adequate for your heating requirements. We will walk with you in every step to help you settle for a suitable boiler that will fully address your needs at the best price and at a sustainable running cost. When selecting your boiler, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Energy Efficiency – This refers to how efficient you boiler is in converting the energy it consumes into heat. It affects how efficient your boiler will be and impacts on the monthly energy bill. Energy efficiency is rated for A to G with A being the most efficient (88% and above).
  • Boiler Size – Boiler sizes are measured with their power output (the amount of heat it can produce). A domestic boiler ranges from 15 to 40 kW. An oversize boiler will be expensive and less efficient, while a smaller boiler may be cheap but inadequate for your heating requirements. Eco Efficient engineers will do an assessment based on your home and room sizes, number of heat emitters, window sizes, insulation level and hot water needs to come up with an adequate boiler size that will be efficient and serve your home heating needs.
  • Fuel Options – It is important to consider available heating fuel. If your home is near a main gas grid, you can buy a gas fuelled boiler. If you have an option to use both electricity and gas, you can consider the tariffs and settle for an option with reduced energy costs. Better still if you can afford renewable fuelled boiler the better.

Once you have acquired the right boiler, Eco efficient Rochdale boiler specialists will help in installations ensuring that every component and piping are properly fitted and the boiler is safe for use. Errors during installations could lead to boiler failures and expose your family to other risks such as gas leaks. Let our experts handle the installation process at the best rates in the region.

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